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Expanding in the Kingdom: Carrefour at Al-Qaser Mall in Riyadh

Saudi Hypermarkets Company LLC (Carrefour) is a subsidiary of Majid Al Futtaim Group of Companies and one of the first and leading companies in the retail industry in the Middle East operating a wide chain across the Kingdom.

Carrefour has received many certificates and awards in recognition to its efforts towards rejuvenating the shopping experience at hypermarkets, becoming the second largest chain of hypermarkets in the world today.

Majid Al Futtaim group was among the few to strengthen their position in the Gulf market and to overcome the challenges of the global economic recession, due to a solid capital investment, fiscal policy and superior management in the retail sector and commercial centers through an ambitious strategy of expansion to empower and maintain a leading position in the Middle East and North Africa.

Carrefour hypermarkets chain is distinguished with a long experience in the retail industry being the first to establish the module of hypermarkets in the Middle East in 1995. Carrefour has 11 stores across the Kingdom and has recently signed a strategic contract with Dar Al-Arkan for a period of 14 years, for its new hypermarket at Al-Qaser Mall in the southern area of Riyadh city over a large area (nine thousand square meters approximately).

The other new hypermarket to open in Buraidah city in line with Carrefour 2011 continuous expansion plan will be the one of several to follow.

Mr. Alain Goanvec CEO of Carrefour is proud that Carrefour has developed the concept of hypermarkets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to accommodate the consumers needs among more than 40,000 products and goods, such as ready food, fish, bakery, clothing, household appliances and electronic appliances, all under one roof and at the lowest prices. “Carrefour has also provided several facilities to secure a comfortable and entertaining shopping experience with wide inside spaces and extremely efficient customer service staff. Currently Carrefour is training young Saudi skills to adapt the latest methods of management towards reaching global standards of quality and accessing best levels of service at hypermarkets.” Said Alan Goanvec.

Carrefour has established a premium international reputation by striving to maintain the quality of products and competitive prices, though an excellent service for meeting the requirements and expectations of the customers, and to continue in gaining their confidence, for a significant contribution in sales growth. Alan Goanvec add that: “Our main pride is that we managed under the leadership of “Majid Al-Futtaim Group” in the Middle East to be the leading hypermarket in the retail sector throughout the past 15 years embracing more than 107 million visitors every year.”

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