Carrefour Gift card

Q. I've lost my Carrefour Gift Card, what shall I do?

Unfortunately, lost cards cannot be re-issued. Please keep your card cautiously.

Q. How can I buy a Carrefour Gift Card?

You can shop our gift cards at the cash counter of any Carrefour hypermarket or Supermarket store.

Q. How do I order a large amount of Carrefour Gift Cards?

Please consult our customer service desk or reach our customer service on 920000282. We'll be happy to serve you.

Q. What can I buy with a Carrefour Gift Card?

Carrefour gift cards can be used for full or partial payment at any Carrefour hypermarket or Carrefour Market store in Saudi Arabia. Any remaining balance will be stored on the card and can be used against futures purchases.

Q. Do Carrefour Gift Cards have an expiry date?


Carrefour Gift cards have an expiry date of 1 year from the activation date, if purchase from the store. Then, if purchase from Carrefour Head Office, expiry date is 1 year from receiving date.