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    Kotex Maxi Pads are designed for heavy flow days, providing extra coverage and absorbency to keep you comfortable and confident. In addition, they feature a soft cover and a unique shape that conforms to your body, providing excellent protection against leaks.

    Kotex Ultra Thin Pads are perfect for everyday use, providing reliable protection and comfort without feeling bulky. They are incredibly thin and flexible, making them easy to wear and discreet. Despite their slim design, they offer excellent protection against leaks and provide a comfortable and secure fit.

    Kotex Night Pads are designed for overnight use, providing maximum protection and comfort while you sleep. They are longer and wider than regular pads, providing extra coverage and absorbency. They also feature a soft cover and a unique shape that conforms to your body, ensuring you stay comfortable and protected throughout the night.

    All Kotex pads are designed with your comfort and protection in mind, as they are made with high-quality materials with different absorbency levels to cater to different flow needs.

    In conclusion, Kotex is a trusted brand that provides pads and other feminine hygiene products designed to cater to the needs of women. So whether you need maximum protection for heavy flow days or a comfortable and discreet option for everyday use, Kotex has that!

    You can find all Kotex products online at Carrefour and explore amazing offers and deals to purchase your favorite products.