20 Times The Difference

The “20 times the difference” program was introduced by Carrefour Lebanon in January 2016.

This program offers customers 20 times the prices difference if they find cheaper prices from Carrefour price.

Terms & Conditions:

  • ·         20 Times the difference offer applies on all items except the fresh food due to the quality and variety considerations, the alcoholic beverages, tobacco and electronic items.
  • ·         Offer applies only when the competitor's price corresponds to the realistic market price of the product (Bazaar, Crazy Sale... Not applied).
  • ·         This offer does not apply on whole sale purchases and competitors advertised offers that are not available at Carrefour
  • ·         Offer does not apply on near expiry items sold at the Supermarkets at discounted prices also not on counterfeit items.
  • ·         Carrefour employees (current & previous) and suppliers are excluded from 20 times the difference offer.
  • ·         Offer does not apply to customers who or their relatives benefit from special discounts from outside Supermarkets.
  • ·         Offer does not apply to different family members purchasing the same item.
  • ·         20 times the difference will be paid for one flavor & piece of each product.
  • ·         The customer who would like to apply for a 20 times the difference refund should submit the following to the customer Service Desk:

1.                        Copy of ID.

2.                       Competitor’s original invoice along with the products indicating full description of the product within 24 hours from the day of purchase.

3.                       20 times the difference request form available at The Customer Service Desk.

4.                       Carrefour original invoice not exceeding 24 hours with a value of 50,000 L.L. and above.

  • ·         The customer might keep a copy of the invoices for his records.
  • ·        In case of fraud (20 times the difference) application will be cancelled.